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Welcome to Digital Sky Solutions, your premier source for IT services Burnaby. Whether you’re a start-up, a small-sized business or a large corporation, reliable managed IT services are essential to your business efficiency and productivity. That's why our dedicated team of certified experts, armed with extensive experience, stands ready to provide proactive monitoring, innovative cloud solutions and top-notch on-site technical support.

We commit to excellence, client satisfaction and ensuring businesses operate smoothly with our state-of-the-art managed IT services in Burnaby.

Managed IT Services We Offer in Burnaby, British Columbia

Network and Infrastructure

An efficient network infrastructure is essential for a valuable business to remain successful in the competitive business environment. We are a trusted partner you can rely on. Our IT service provider offers top-tier IT services focusing on network design and infrastructure management. We ensure your network security measures are robust enough to prevent potential cyberattacks, providing you peace of mind.

Help Desk

At the heart of the IT services we offer in Burnaby are our diverse help desk services. Our dedicated team of experts ensures top-notch customer service, with minimal downtime and potential issues resolved promptly. Through our proactive monitoring, we take care of all your post-outage issues.

Platform Hosting

Our IT services extend to reliable and secure platform hosting. This aligns perfectly with businesses aiming for a seamless digital transformation transition. Whether you're a boutique firm, a financial services enterprise or an environmental technology company, our scalable services, powered by cloud services, cater to your business’s current and future requirements.

Remote Work Environments

With the rise of remote working, we offer remote work environments. We help you reduce your operation costs, particularly for businesses with many computers and organizations planning for entrepreneurial growth. Through our expert guidance and extensive experience, you can confidently navigate this new normal, ensuring the continuity of daily business operations.


In the digital entertainment and life sciences era, our Dev-Ops services bring a synergy of development and operations. Our professional team provides end-to-end services, supporting software engineering and additional software needs, ensuring your firm's growth trajectory stays on track.

Endpoint Management

Our endpoint management service ensures network security, protecting you from potential threats. Our advanced email security and anti-virus protection services provide a comprehensive suite catered to your business needs. This unwavering commitment to security has made us a preferred choice among Canadian businesses.

How Do Businesses in Burnaby Benefit From IT Services?

Enhanced Network Security

Network security is instrumental in protecting businesses against cyber threats and potential cyberattacks. Established IT solutions in Burnaby provide comprehensive security services, including anti-virus protection services, threat detection and proactive monitoring. These services significantly reduce the vulnerability of a business to potential threats, offering peace of mind.

Increased Business Efficiency and Productivity

Through high-quality IT services, businesses can streamline their daily operations. This includes the seamless transition to cloud services, software licensing, effective network infrastructure management, troubleshooting potential issues with on-site technical support and minimizing downtime. Businesses can enhance efficiency and productivity with a dedicated team of experts providing top-tier IT services.

Cost Savings

Aside from improving business efficiency and productivity, IT services can also reduce operational costs. Outsourcing to a professional service provider can dramatically lower the monthly costs of maintaining an in-house IT department. This allows businesses to invest more money in technology and other areas that support entrepreneurial growth.

Access to Expert Consultation

IT services in Burnaby come with the added benefit of expert guidance and consultation, aiding the understanding of how to leverage the power of technology to meet business objectives. With the help of a dedicated, professional team with a steadfast commitment to excellence, businesses can venture into new fields like digital entertainment, life sciences and environmental technology without hesitation.

Why You Should Choose Digital Sky Solutions for Your IT Needs

  • Professional IT Experts. Our team of experts brings experience and commitment to every project. We ensure quality results by utilizing the latest technology and strategies in our work.
  • Customer-First Approach. We prioritize client satisfaction, making us the choice for businesses in Burnaby. We believe in understanding your unique needs and developing tailored IT solutions to help your business thrive.
  • Proactive Monitoring. With constant network monitoring, we identify potential issues before they become disruptions. This proactive approach helps in maintaining a robust and secure infrastructure for your business, resulting in minimized downtime and optimized productivity.
  • Broad Experience. From environmental technology firms to law businesses, we cater to various industries. Our versatile expertise allows us to deliver targeted solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges inherent to each industry.

Heighten Your Business With Superior IT Support: Contact Digital Sky Solutions Today

Our IT support in Burnaby improves business experiences and outcomes while being a catalyst for your business objectives. We take pride in our unmatched client satisfaction rates and proactive approach to client partnerships. Whether upgrading your existing services, enhancing your security or introducing new systems to increase efficiency, we have the dedication, skills and resources to meet your needs.

Digital Sky Solutions can enhance your IT landscape to support your business goals. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help your Burnaby business progress.
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